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Clock Camera With Night Vision


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The perfect spy camera for watching your partners bedroom habits, using in a hotel room or as a nanny cam.

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£210.00 ( £252.00 inc. Vat )


This smart clock Product code racc looks just like any normal Clock but concealed inside is a 1080p high definition covert spy camera with infrared illumination wide angled lens, high gain microphone and a SD card audio/ video recorder. It also works normally as a clock so it does not arouse suspicion. It is powered from the mains and can be set to only record when motion is detected making it ideal for long term monitoring.
The Recordings are watermarked with a time and date stamp making it perfect for evidential use.

To set up the RCC Clock camera all you need to do is connect the recorder to a television or monitor using the supplied cable and you can configure the camera to your requirements. Playing the recorded videos can be done in two ways. Either remove the SD card and use a standard SD card reader (connected to a computer) or simply use the supplied USB cable and connect the camera to a computer.

• Covert digital clock design
• Functional digital clock
• Infrared illumination for night vision
• 1920 x 1080 high definition recording @ 30 fps.
• Mains powered system
• Watermarked day/date/time stamping
• Law Enforcement grade video & audio capture
• Motion detection or Continuous recording modes
• Supports up to a 32gb Micro SD card (8gb card included)

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