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Eye200 Car Tracker / Asset Tracker / Personal Tracker


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Probably one of the worlds finest miniature fast deployment GPS trackers the world.

Availability: In stock

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The Eye200 mk2 car / vehicle GPS tracker product code eye200 is truly state of the art tracking technology. This powerful compact device has had many new features added to it and can be used in or out of the magnetic box depending on requirements. This compact covert tracker is small in size but it certainly is not small on performance and boasts an impressive list of specifications. This item is ideal for use in infidelity and company vehicle monitoring or any situation that requires a small easy fit tracker. The small purpose built waterproof enclosure is fitted with a powerful magnet that holds it firmly in place when deployed under a car or van and with its small size it is extremely difficult to spot even when looking under the vehicle. The tracker unit can be easily removed from the magnetic box allowing it to be used for asset tracking and personal tracking applications, making this one of the most versatile trackers on the market. 

The eye200 stores 10 thousand positions on its internal memory, this is essential when the mobile network is not available as it will simply store the data and send it to our servers when the network does become available.


A feature that has been added specifically for detectives and surveillance operatives is a built in motion alarm that can send an alert when movement is detected even if it does not have a satellite fix. This is ideal for letting you know as soon as a vehicle has moved. Superb web based tracking console with your own unique user ID.
From the console you can change the reporting frequency of the tracker from as little as 10 seconds , set a 360 degree virtual perimeter around an area known as a Geo-fence (when your tracker breaks this barrier either entering, exiting or both it will send you an SMS to your mobile phone notifying you) Not only can you view your tracker from our online console, you can also track the device from your mobile phone or tablet using our free Apps for apple and android devices. Unique reporting features give you a detailed activity report of all the vehicles movements, showing times parked, locations and much more, great for giving to a client or using in evidence.

The eye200 works straight out of the box, switch it on and your up and running. No activation costs, no SIM card credit, no monthly subscriptions. You have the freedom to pay as you track. This is done by pre purchasing position credits so you really do pay as you track for further details click on this link Tracker position credits  Approximately 10 day’s battery life dependent on usage and settings. 
AGPS (assisted GPS) this allows the unit to obtain a GPS fix much quicker especially when switching on (cold start) even under the most adverse conditions
Works in most countries with no extra charges.
Battery life is given under optimum conditions and is based on 2hrs driving per day this may be reduced by many factors.

For unlimited tracking for a one off annual fee click here


Stealth Mode: Remotely switch the device off and tell it to wake in a certain number of hours this is for a one off use unlike battery save which repeats its self until cancelled.


Battery Save

The optional battery save feature gives an extended battery life by switching the tracker off for predefined periods. This mode also evades electronic detection as the tracker is effectively switched off. To cancel battery save  Simply click the “battery save off” on the tracker panel and the panel will inform you when the device is due to wake and return to a normal live tracker, this is shown via a clock on the panel.

Some examples of battery life using battery save feature

1 position per day       up to 12 months
2 positions per day      up to 6 months
3 position per day       up to 4 months
4 position per day       up to   2 months

 Normal Live tracking mode up to 10 days

 Dimensions 70 x 50 x 30mm   excluding protrusions and magnets.


For A video of Live tracking Click here

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For demo video of placing a tracker on a car Click Here

For demo video of speeded up history replay Click Here

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