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Eye5800 Car Tracker Unit / Van / Caravan / Fleet Vehicle Tracker


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Taking the latest  technology and applying it to the Car Tracker product code Eye5800 car tracking asset tracking device. We were able to keep the tracker size down, effectiveness up, and at the same time make a vehicle tracker that blends in perfectly under a car.

Availability: In stock

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Taking the latest  technology and applying it to the car tracker product code Eye5800 car tracking asset tracking device, we were able to keep the size down, effectiveness up, and at the same time make a tracker that blends in perfectly under a car. There  are 2  high power magnets giving  a 70 kg pulling force, making this a very versatile unit, allowing you to place virtually anywhere under a vehicle, or hidden in small places within your assets.

The Eye5800 is packed with performance, storing 10 thousand positions on its internal memory. This enables the device to store any positions that could not be sent due to having no GSM coverage, this gives you a great tracking line when viewing on the panel. Being informed when something moves within 6-10 seconds from around the world is another great feature; this is activated via the “ARM” button on the panel, or simply press the “ARM” function on your mobile phone application. When the Shade 5800 does not move it turns off its GPS receiver and shows sleeping on the panel, this is the time when you may want to “ARM” the device, so if the device

The tracker uses a superb web based tracking console with your own unique user ID., not only can you view your tracker from our online console, you can also track the device from your mobile phone or tablet using our free Apps for apple and android devices.


Live Tracking Mode Reports the trackers position at pre set intervals from as little as once every second, this can be changed from the tracking console or on the App.

History Replay the history and watch the tracker moving as if you are watching in real time or use the great reporting features that give you a detailed activity report of all the vehicles movements,showing speed,times parked, locations and much more as well as veiwing this on your PC or mobile device you can download the history in a excel,word or PDF great for giving to a client or using in evidence.

Zones Set a 360-degree virtual perimeter around an area, when the tracker breaks this barrier either entering, exiting or both it will send you an SMS to your mobile phone notifying you.

Flight Mode: Remotely switch the device off and tell it to wake in a certain number of hours this is for a one off use unlike eco mode which repeats its self until cancelled.

Eco Mode The optional eco mode feature gives an extended battery life of up to 6 months by switching the tracker off for predefined periods. This mode also evades electronic detection as the tracker is effectively switched off. To cancel eco mode simply click the “eco mode off on the tracker panel and the panel will inform you when the device is due to wake and return to a normal live tracker, this is shown on the panel.

Log Mode this mode enables the tracker to be switched off for a set length of time but continue to log its position via GPS. When the tracker switches on again it will upload all of positions for you to view just as if it had been in live track mode.
Log mode has many advantages such as saving battery life and avoiding electronic detection as the tracker is not transmitting anything.

• Up to 5 weeks battery life.

• Measures 90 x 45 x 50mm


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For demo video of speeded up history replay Click Here


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