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Coat Hanger Hidden Spy Camera Video Recorder


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This hidden covert coat hook DVR spy camera is a great choice for both home and business recording.

Availability: In stock

£49.00 ( £58.80 inc. Vat )
£49.00 ( £58.80 inc. Vat )


No one will ever expect you to be recording with this ordinary looking clothes hook. Just hang on any door or wall to provide you with the ability to record what happens in your home or business. This camera is a fully self-contained recording system with a built-in camera, microphone and DVR recorder. Because this DVR is battery operated, it allows portability, allowing you to place the camera anywhere you need it, and then press a button on the camera to start recording video and audio when motion is detected. This camera has built-in motion detection which can be used to record only when it pick up movement. Once you have your recording just play it back on your computer.
The HD 2.0 MegaPixel image sensor records video in sync with audio at 1280x960 resolution. This will support up to 16GB MicroSD cards. Video can be played back using Windows Media Player or VLCPlayer on your computer.

Colour may vary

• Hi-Resolution 2 MegaPixel Image Sensor 
• Record video in 1280x960 HD resolution 
• Built in DVR with Motion Detection Recording 
• Records Video with Time/Date Stamps 
• Battery operated for true portability (up to 90 min)

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