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Covert PIR Camera 3G


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This unique and high quality PIR case contains our unique 3G camera unit.

Availability: In stock

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Covert 3g PIR
This unique and high quality PIR case contains our unique 3G camera unit. Install this unit on the corner or flat surface of a wall, connect it to the mains power supply, or leave it to use power from its rechargeable battery, and finally point its camera hole to the desired location and you are ready to use it. The easiest way for your covert use, no technical knowledge or special equipment, or use of 3rd party network is required. 
A 3G camera unit can receive covert video and audio calls made from any 3G phone and send back live video and audio to any remote user. The video call is answered silently by the camera unit without any noise or lights, making it perfect for covert monitoring. 
Use any pay-as-you-go or contract 3G-SIM card from any network of your choice in this device. 
The device has also got the facility to make a series of short recordings onto an internal micro SD card when a SMS command is sent to the unit.
The battery in the camera unit will last up to 40 hours in standby mode*, or you can connect its power adaptor to the mains power supply to permanently keep it charged and used as long as required.
* Under optimum conditions.
A phone with 3g Video calling capabilities will be required.
(iPhones will not make 3g video calls)
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