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On Board Vehicle Diagnostics Live Tracker


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The On Board Vehicle Diagnostics Tracker is a GPS tracking device that plugs directly into the diagnostics slot (OBD 2) on your vehicle taking under 10 seconds to install.

Availability: Out of stock

£199.00 ( £238.80 inc. Vat )


All vehicles made after 1996 are required by law to be fitted with an OBD 2 port which means it is compatible with any car/van made after then. This allows you to track the vehicles every move, lets it stayed powered off the cars battery, and gives you lots of other useful info about what the vehicle is doing.

The OBD 2 port is usually situated directly under the steering wheel area of the vehicle but may vary car to car, you should look in the hand book to find the location on each vehicle. You can use the extension cable provided to plug your tracker in if your diagnostics port is in a more visible place. Alternatively you can purchase the ‘Y cable’ from the drop down menu to totally hide it out the way, this also leaves the diagnostics port open in the original place in case the car goes in for a service, in which case the mechanic wouldn’t know there was a tracker on it. The Y Cable lets you unplug your diagnostics port, plug it into one end of the cable, put the other side in place where you unplugged the port from, which will leave you a spare plug to plug in your diagnostics tracker.

This state of the art gadget is packed with lots of useful features including:
Live tracking from every 5 seconds, to every 60 seconds, Ignition on/off, set GeoFences to have it text/e-mail you whenever the vehicle enters or leaves a set perimeter, alerts if unplugged, bread crumb trail history of where the vehicle has been, speed, direction and several other useful features. This tracking panel can be viewed and settings can be changed from any PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Smartphone, iPad or any other tablet device.

You can view the tracking panel in normal map view, satellite, or on the street view. The location of the vehicle is shown on the map using an icon that you select (car, motorbike, aircraft, trucks, people and loads more, or even upload your own image if you have several trackers on one platform) the icon will be shown in the exact place on the map where the vehicle is.

Multiple trackers can be added on one platform making it easy to use for fleet tracking, big businesses etc. this will let you see on a map all the different locations of the vehicles or you can switch to list view and it will show a list of all the vehicles, with an address next to each one.

These trackers can be used in most countries around the world, please contact us for more information on this.

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