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Windows Password Breaker


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Windows Breaker is a forensic tool designed to bypass the Windows account password.

Availability: In stock

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Windows Breaker (Password Bypass)

Windows Breaker is a forensic tool designed to bypass the Windows account password. This has many uses such as when some one has purposely locked you out of a PC  to prevent you gaining legitimate access. Windows Breaker can gain you entry to the PC allowing you to make any changes you wish to make.

This is not a simple password recovery tool, this is a professional forensic tool that gives you access to any Windows account. 
Windows Breaker comes with a 10 user license that will allow you to bypass up to 10 Windows accounts on up to 10 different computers.

Don't let your children lock you out of your computer. they will often create Windows accounts with strong passwords to keep their parents from seeing what they are up to on their computer.

Spouses, Partners
Do you suspect you are being cheated on , why not make sure  with this device  once you have by passed the password  you are free to install products such as our spy stick or spystick remote. to monitor all future activity. 

This is a tool that any investigator would find many uses for and will prove an essential tool in many investigations, again once the password has been bypassed you can  install products such as our spy stick or spystick remote, to monitor future activity.

This Software is provided on flash drive ready for instant deployment
Designed to be easy to use
Designed to leave no trace after the computer has been rebooted

Please Note: You must be able to boot your computer from a USB drive in order for Windows Breaker to work. To do this may require alteration to the BIOS settings to achieve this (explained in included instructions).

This device is very popular for fraud and infidelity detection purposes.

Because this is a specialist forensic software product, support can only be provided directly with the software manufacturer. Information on how to contact the software manufacturer will be provided with the software product.

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