Covert Spy Cameras

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The Video Surveillance Spy Camera Department Store We stock a huge range of video surveillance camera products . Our range of covert spy cameras cover covert, overt, wired , wireless and self contained spy cameras We have cameras for all situations. Please view our categories below to browse our range of covert spy cameras and recorders if you do not see anything that fits your requirements please contact us as. Eyetek Surveillance specialises in the custom building of spy cameras and can fit spy cameras into almost any item using the latest available technology If you are not sure of what you need, ask our experts and we will help you find the best solution to your surveillance requirements. For many people they need a camera in the office to protect there business interests or in the home to use as a nanny cam, Sadly as seen on TV some people need to watch over vulnerable people in a nursing home or in a residential situation where carers are visiting. The self contained spy camera recorder shown in the camera recorder section below is the most popular in these situations as these cameras record onto a internal SD card using motion detection and can often last for many months. We also have a range of cameras using the mobile phone network(3g) cameras and also hidden IP Cameras than can be viewed from anywhere in the world.