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Spy cameras are one of today's most common and versatile pieces of spy equipment, if you need a spy camera for any reason, spy cameras are one of our speciality. We manufacture the majority of hidden camera equipment in house giving us the edge over many other companies. Eyetek Surveillance specialises in the custom building of covert cameras and can fit cameras into almost any item using the latest available technology. If you are not sure of what you need, ask our experts and we will help you find the best solution to your surveillance requirements. For many domestic and vulnerable person uses such as nanny cams and secret cameras for use in nursing homes the SD Card Recording Camera is the most popular. These cameras record onto a internal SD card using motion detection and can often last for many months. Spy cameras can be of many types wired wireless or self contained. The wired spy camera is the most difficult to install but offers the best solution for long term use. These cameras can be concealed in many domestic items and the full range of these can be found on our wired camera page. The wireless spy camera offers the ultimate in portability and ease of use although wireless cameras are often governed by battery life and transmission range . The wireless camera can be built into many items for concealment the full range of these can be seen on our wireless spy camera page. Other variations of the wireless cameras are those using wifi or 3g . On this page are a few of our spy camera products  for the full range of body worn spy cameras, video recorders, specialist spy cameras, wired spy cameras and wireless spy cameras please go to our main video spy surveillance equipment section.