Key Ring Recorder

Key Ring Recorder

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This miniature Keychain Digital Voice Recorder is a combined Memory Stick and Covert Voice Recorder

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Voice activated Key Ring Voice Recorder

This miniature Keychain Digital Voice Recorder is a combined Memory Stick and Covert Voice Recorder and is perfect for keeping on your bunch of keys to conveniently leave lying around to record those important meetings, discussions etc, you can even leave them behind when you leave the room or meeting and collect them later allowing you to hear the conversation in your absence. What makes this so special is that it is capable of storing a massive 4GB of information. Even under close examination there is absolutely nothing to see, but the USB Keychain Digital Voice Recorder will in fact capture crystal clear audio over a 5 meter radius and store the recordings onto it’s 4GB internal flash memory.
Made in a beautiful brushed silver design, this USB Keychain Digital Voice Recorder can simply be carried on a set of keys and used to actually carry data and files around just like an ordinary memory stick but it’s real use is in its ability to capture those important meetings, interviews, dictation etc at a moments notice.
There are no markings on this USB Keychain Digital Voice Recorder whatsoever and no flashing lights when in record mode. It is designed to be completely discreet and totally silent in operation with just a single slide button for it’s entire operation. Simply slide the switch and audio recording is instant and automatic. The recorder only activates when noise is detected .Audio recordings can be captured for around 7 continuous hours in WAV format or until you slide the button to stop recordings. Each recording file will never be lost due to it’s 4GB storage capacity.
To recharge the device and/or playback the stored recordings simply insert the USB Keychain Digital Voice Recorder into your PC and it will automatically open the Windows Media Player/Real Player so no more software installation. The recordings can also be stored to a folder on your PC or emailed in seconds.
Memory Unit             4GB Flash Memory
Battery                  100MAH/ 3.7V lithium rechargeable battery
Battery Power         Recording time approx 7 hrs on a full charge.        
USB Transmission Speed    USB 2.0/ Maximum 960KBPS
Recording Bit Rate         128KBPS
Rec Audio Sample Rate      32KHz
Frequency Range           20HZ – 20KHZ
Output Power              4mW+4mW (16Q)
Operating System           Win2000/ XP/ ME/ NT/ Vista/Window 7, Mac 8.6 or higher
Dimensions – 64 x 20 x 8mm