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Tissue Box Camera Recorder


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This fully functioning Tissue dispenser box, has a minute 480 TV Line DVR CCD pinhole camera/recorder built in, looking through the frosted glass, eliminating any need for a hole for the camera to look through!

Availability: Out of stock

£279.00 ( £334.80 inc. Vat )


This camera is undetectable and inconspicuous, with a built in battery that can power it for up to 16 hrs, and up to a 32GB capacity (64 hours of actual recording time), with the option of motion detection or scheduled recording, this is the perfect covert surveillance unit to gather any information you need!

• 480 TV Line CCD camera 
• Up to a 32GB SD card capacity 
• 25 FPS
• Voice recording 
• Motion Activation
• Mains or battery powered
• Scheduled recording 
• Dimensions: W150mm x H140mm x L140mm

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