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Video/Audio Transmitter And Reciever


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This Amazing new transmitter /receiver kit is the future of wireless video signals, making video transmission easier and more secure than ever.

Availability: In stock

£199.00 ( £238.80 inc. Vat )
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This system uses digital video and audio signals so far better quality and distances can be achieved..
This device has a 200m range line of sight using the standard antenna additional antennas can be used extending the range up to 1 km.
The transmitter sends signals containing video and audio data out for the receiver to pick up and convert back into high quality video and audio. The signal is encrypted and once paired with its receiver the communication between them is secure.
This unit has a built in IR sensor so that it can be controlled with a IR remote control to control from other rooms or locations without the need for any wiring making them easy to use and install
Digital data transmission 
for cleaner, sharper images over longer distances.
Privacy pairing function 
for private video transmission, help comply with the DPA.

Reverse IR transmission 
sends IR signals from receiver to transmitter for remote control.

Handshake routine 
2 way reporting for maximum security.

Whisper mode 
listens for data at a low power for energy efficiency

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