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Wireless Smoke Alarm Hidden Spy Camera


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Domestic type smoke alarm with integral wireless pinhole lens camera, ideal for aerial surveillance, cash tills, meetings etc.

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£99.00 ( £118.80 inc. Vat )

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£99.00 ( £118.80 inc. Vat )


 fitted with a  colour camera and transmitter which transmits video to the supplied receiver. The receiver can be placed up to 100M away line of sight (30M indoors) from the camera and simply plugs into your DVR or TV via the scart or phono Plugs. The camera is powered from either a 5,200 mAh Li-Ion battery or a 3x AA battery pack. As no wires are required between camera and receiver this device lends it self to many use in a variety of situations
Battery options:
5,200 mAh Li-Ion Battery - 40 Hours (charger included)
3 x AA battery pack - 20 Hours (batteries not included)

2.4 GHz Mini. Transmitter W/Colour Camera                                                                                                                            
RF output power:           CE & BZT compliant                                
Operating power:            4.8-7.2V
Power consumption:       100mA                                                               Antenna:                          Omni-directional antenna                           
Transmitting range          100 M (Line-Of-Sight) 30M (indoors)                              

  Colour Camera  Specs

1) Pixels: 365K (PAL), 250K (NTSC)

2) Resolution: Horizontal 380 TV Lines

3) Auto Electronic Exposure: 1/60 ?1/2000 sec.

4)  Automatic Exposure/Gain/White balance.

5) Mini. Illumination: <3 Lux f 1.2

6) Pin Hole Lens: 5.6mm! field angle: 70 degrees

Note  Best results are achieved where there is clear ?line of sight? between the mini camera transmitter and the receiver. Try to avoid obstacles such as trees, walls, cars, trucks and buildings. Transmitting over water and in the rain will reduce performance. Interference from certain electronic equipment or the moving human body can also effect the range obtainable.

For best reception position the antennas of the transmitter and receiver 4.5 to 6 feet (1.5 to 2m) above the ground. Please test all devices before final installation because the transmission quality can often be improved by moving the components slightly. Turn off the transmitter and receiver if the system is not in use. Do not touch the antennas when the system is switched on. Do not place the receiver behind a monitor

If you would rather use this product with a PC or laptop you will require a USB recording device which you can select at a reduced price of £25.00 from the drop-down menu near the add to cart button. This option allows you to view and record the footage straight from your PC or Laptop.

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