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Tracker Charges

The eyetek range of trackers now use a pay as you use system, this is based on the number of position reports the tracker sends to the mapping software, for example if the tracker is set to report every 120 seconds when it is on the move if it was driving for 1 hour is would use 30 position credits or at 1 minute intervals it would use 60 credits. When the tracker is stationary it should not send any reports at all.The tracker does not need credit putting on the SIM card this is taken care of by us. With  position credits being purchased as required this is a simple and inexpensive system, for heavy users such as investigators larger quantities of credits can be purchased at a discount.
We have also included 100 positions to get you going. Once your 100 positions are finished you can purchase more by from the tracking section on our web site.  Please be aware if you allow your location reports to drop to 0 you will not receive updates from your tracker until further position reports are purchased.

To Purchase credits Click here 

SMS credits 

SMS credits are used when you send a command or a request to your tracker from the commands button on your online console or when the locate button is pressed , SMS credits are also used when you receive notifications from the tracker such as safety zones or when you receive an address on your mobile number after calling your tracker. Remaining sms credits are shown on the bottom right of the console.  SMS credits can be purchased on our web site

Q. The Eyetek tracker gives me 100 free positions, how long will these last?

A. The 100 positions could last you many months, this depends how often you use your tracker and what reporting intervals are set You can change the interval via the panel.

Q. What happens when my 100 free positions have run out ?

A. Simply purchase more credits on our web site

Q. How do we add credit if we are situated outside the UK.

A. You can add more positions to your panel regardless what country you live in

To Purchase credits Click here 

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