Camera & Recorders Combined

These Hidden Spy Cameras with built in DVR,s (digital video recorders) are probably the most popular and versatile out of our range of spy cameras as they are self contained units, this means that the video recording facility is housed inside the same unit as the camera and the recording is made onto a SD card.
Video recording is triggered by motion although most of the cameras can be set to record continuously if required.

The hidden spy camera with a built in recorder is perfect to use in situations when you can leave an innocent looking item in your home or office that will sit and secretly record whenever motion is detected.
Apart from the normal office-domestic use, these cameras are perfect for watching over vulnerable people such as the elderly or children and are sometimes known as nanny cams or granny cams.

The selection of hidden spy cameras on our web site shows a variety of cameras that are battery operated or mains powered, both types have there advantages and disadvantages.

The one thing all of these cameras have in common is that they record onto a SD card, these can have a capacity of up to 64 GB giving weeks of recording time on some of the camera.

As with many of our camera systems we can often build spy cameras to the customer’s specific requirements. We manufacture the majority of our spy equipment from our workshop in Derby. With over 20 years of experience of building hidden spy cameras we are in a unique position in the field of custom made spy cameras.

Please feel free to e mail or call us to discuss your needs and we will endeavour to find a solution to your problem.

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