How Trackers Work


Eyetek offers a variety of GPS tracking devices that are suitable for various tracking needs, including asset tracking, vehicle tracking, personal tracking, plant and machinery tracking, caravan tracking, and many other GPS tracking applications.

If there is no pre-made tracking unit that meets a customer’s specific requirements, we have the capability to custom-build a tracking device to their specifications.

These trackers provide real-time reporting, displaying the tracker’s position on a moving map. The position updates can occur as frequently as every second. The tracker determines its position by utilizing the GPS system (Global Positioning System) or GLONASS (Global satellite navigation system).

The GPS system consists of 24 satellites orbiting the Earth in six paths at an altitude of 12,600 miles. These satellites transmit a low-power signal. The satellite orbits are carefully calculated to ensure that a GPS receiver on the Earth’s surface is always within range of at least four satellites. With the information received from these satellites, your GPS Tracker can accurately determine its location within a few meters. 

This system is similar to the one used by car navigation systems and is known for its high accuracy.
The GLONASS system is another global satellite navigation system that provides real-time position and velocity information. The satellites in this system are in a middle circular orbit at an altitude of 11,900 miles.
Once the tracker determines its position, it transmits the data back to our web server, his can be done through the 2G mobile phone network or using NB-IoT in the Eye500 range, allowing for frequent updates as often as every second or longer intervals if regular updates are not required. The web server stores all the position data in a history file, enabling users to view the tracker’s movements even from months ago. This means you can simply leave the tracker on the vehicle without needing to log in from your PC or phone, and still have access to the recorded journeys at your convenience.

The tracking panel can be accessed from any modern PC with an internet connection. Additionally, we provide a feature that allows real-time tracking from a tablet or mobile phone using our free Android or iOS apps. Our trackers work in many different countries, providing worldwide tracking capabilities.
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