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Types Of Video Surveillance

With evolving technology the use of video surveillance has become increasingly more popular. From a simple miniature camera to a complex microwave transmission systems. Cameras with integral recorders. From a covert surveillance point of view these are by far the most popular product. These units are self contained cameras video/audio recorders that are either battery or mains powered. They can be found in alarm clocks, table lamps air fresheners and dozens of other everyday items. The vast majority of these use [...]


Nanny Cam

With today's financial and social demands parents need to strike a balance between career and caring for young children, enlisting the help of family or turn to private childcare. Often people opt for employing a professional to care for the child in there own home. This has many advantages as the child is in its secure home environment rather than a private nursery. In the majority of cases this solution works fine with no problems but until the parents have developed [...]


Am I being Bugged?

Counter Surveillance (Are You Being Bugged). This page is intended to help the individual assess if they are at risk from bugging and to an extent take action against it. The information contained here is not a comprehensive guide to counter surveillance, as this would be well beyond the scope of most none professionals. To put it simply, if a surveillance device has been planted by the security services i.e: MI5 the chances of the untrained person detecting it would [...]


Carer Stealing Off Pensioner Caught

Carer Mary Annabel Riordan was recorded on a spy camera stealing money from a 75yr old while she was in the bath Her daughter Annie Pearson purchased a spy camera hidden in an air freshener  from  Eyetek surveillance after the family noticed large sums of money were going missing.Lancaster Magistrates Court heard how Riordan stole a total of £960 from Ms Guthrie between September and October last year. Riordan received 26 weeks prison suspended for two years and a 12 month community [...]