Advanced ADSL Digital Telephone Recorder

Advanced ADSL Digital Telephone Recorder

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This ADSL filter looks normal in every way, but also has a covert telephone recorder built inside.

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he special programmed software will do all the setting for you to make it the easiest telephone recorder available. As a result there is no power button, no voice activation setting, no record button, NO NOTHING. The record quality is clear and will record both sides of every call and save it as a wav file. The only difference is the modem connection is not functional and operates as a USB connection. To operate you need to first charge the Li-battery by connecting the USB cable on the modem socket on the ADSL filter and the USB socket on your computer.


1) Battery: built-in 120mah Li-battery
2) Charge time: About 1 hour
3) PC interface: USB2.0 
4) System requirement: Windows 98SE, Win2000/XP/Vista/Win7
5) Recording format: WAV
6) Audio: Play through computer
7) Total recording storage time: 240 hours
8) Battery life for recording: Approx 8 hours of actual recording with fully charged battery.
9) Battery life in standby: Approx 30 days if telephone not used.
10) Mass storage: Drag and drop files, pictures and any other confidential information in this device


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