GSM Wall Socket Transmitter Audio Listening Device

GSM Wall Socket Transmitter Audio Listening Device

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The GSM Infinity double socket is a very cleverly disguised listening device that can be used to replace a existing socket to allow room conversations and surrounding sounds to be heard with exceptional quality when you dial the SIM card inside

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This is a fully functional double socket and unlike inferior models can be used as normal
Simply dial the SIM card number inside the GSM Infinity socket (included) and at any time, wherever you are in the world it will automatically and silently connect transmitting any conversations and sounds over the GSM network from up to 30 feet away from the socket. Sound is filtered for perfect audio clarity.To the naked eye this looks nothing more than a normal socket but it secretly allows you to monitor everything in that room without sound distortion..
The GSM Infinity socket is a super high quality surveillance product that offers long term audio monitoring in an area of concern without arousing suspicion.
The Infinity transmitter is dual band and operates on any GSM 1800, or 1900MHz communications network .
Ingenious design, completely disguised as a listening device
Simply dial the provided SIM card and listen to conversations and surrounding sounds with exceptional quality.

This Top of the range listening device also has the capability of notifying you by SMS when sound is detected which can be very useful to let you know of any activity when the device is planted in a unoccupied room.  To activate or deactivate this feature you simply text a code to the unit from your mobile. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the sound activation by sending a coded SMS to the unit. Do not mix this up with some of the cheaper models available on auction sites this is a quality UK manufactured device offering the best in GSM audio monitoring.

Unlimited listening distance – call from anywhere in the world


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