GSM Bug Long Life Audio Listening Device

GSM Bug Long Life Audio Listening Device

£110.00 exc Vat £132.00 inc Vat

This GSM bug is designed for use in situations when a long operational life is needed and mains power is not practical.


This voice activated GSM bug gives you the ability to dial into the unit and listen in to surrounding sounds with startling clarity. The  bug can be programmed by SMS commands to dial any number you choose when it detects sound or speech, ensuring you don’t miss that important conversation.

This Eyetek Bug operates on the GSM frequency 1800 and 1900MHz communications network for worldwide coverage. The standby battery life is approximately 6 weeks depending on external factors such as signal strength. For better concealment you can purchase the 600 mm extension microphone that allows the head of the microphone to be concealed rather than the whole unit.

This unit contains a 5,200 Mah Li-Ion battery giving it up to 6 weeks battery life in standby.

Not suitable for Countries that do not have 2G GSM coverage Such as the USA

For use in countries with no 2G network our 3g Bug would be required 

Measures 70 x 48 x 28 mm


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