This service can be used to locate the whereabouts of GPS trackers that have lost GPS contact, mobile phones and GSM listening devices such as in a car

SIM card tracking systems use the triangulation system to locate the SIM. This is done  by measuring  the signal strength  from the nearest mobile phone mast then taking the signal strength from 2 other nearby masts and triangulating the three positions they can obtain an approximate position in Longitude and Latitude. This can then be superimposed onto a map to show the estimated position of the mobile phone or other SIM device. Any GSM based location service can offer varying degrees of accuracy ranging from 20 metres up to 5km. This accuracy is very dependent on the area the device is being used in. SIM card location in urban areas with a large number of mobile phone masts can offer far greater accuracy than that of a rural area with few masts. This is only available on Vodafone SIM cards. The SIM can be used in any GSM device such as a mobile phone but there are legal obligations for you to inform someone if you are tracking their phone.
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