Am I being Bugged?


Counter Surveillance (Are You Being Bugged). This page is intended to help the individual assess if they are at risk from bugging and to an extent take action against it. The information contained here is not a comprehensive guide to counter surveillance, as this would be well beyond the scope of most none professionals. To […]

How Trackers Work


Eyetek offers a variety of GPS tracking devices that are suitable for various tracking needs, including asset tracking, vehicle tracking, personal tracking, plant and machinery tracking, caravan tracking, and many other GPS tracking applications. If there is no pre-made tracking unit that meets a customer’s specific requirements, we have the capability to custom-build a tracking […]

Types of Bugs


Electronic surveillance bugs, commonly known as “bugs,” are covert listening devices or recording devices used to monitor conversations or activities without the knowledge of the subjects being monitored.  There are various types of electronic surveillance bugs, each with its own characteristics and applications. Here are some common types: • RF Transmitter Bugs: These bugs transmit […]

Never Forget A Face


Why do some people never forget a face ?  “Face recognition is an important social skill, but not all of us are equally good at it,” says Beijing Normal University cognitive psychologist Jia Liu. But what accounts for the difference? spy cameras A new study by Liu and colleagues Ruosi Wang, Jingguang Li, Huizhen Fang, […]

Types Of Video Surveillance


With evolving technology the use of video surveillance has become increasingly more popular. From a simple miniature camera to a complex microwave transmission systems. Cameras with integral recorders. From a covert surveillance point of view these are by far the most popular product. These units are self contained cameras video/audio recorders that are either battery […]

Nanny Cam

With today’s financial and social demands parents need to strike a balance between career and caring for young children, enlisting the help of family or turn to private childcare. Often people opt for employing a professional to care for the child in there own home. This has many advantages as the child is in its […]