The eyetek trackers use a pay as you use system by purchasing tracking periods either 1 month, 3 months 6 months or 12 months. The SIM does not need credit putting on as this is taken care of by us. With tracking being purchased as required this is a simple and inexpensive system.

We have also included 7 days tracking to get you going. Once this expires you can purchase more by from the tracking section on our web site. Please be aware if you allow your credit to expire you will not receive updates from your tracker until further credits are purchased.

To Purchase  tracking packages  Click here

Please note the EPT and eye100 both use a different panel and tracking system.

SMS credits are used when you send a command or a request to your tracker from the commands button on your online console or when the locate button is pressed , SMS credits are also used when you receive notifications from the tracker such as safety zones or when you receive an address on your mobile number after calling your tracker. Remaining SMS  credits are shown on the bottom right of the console. SMS credits can be purchased on our web site.

To Purchase SMS credits Click here

If the tracker is not used for a period of 3 months, the account will be removed from the system and the SIM card will expire this is unfortunately necessary as we have to pay the contract SIM fees irrespective of usage. When the SIM card expires a new SIM will be required at a cost of £25.00 plus VAT. When the account is removed the device history, position and SMS credits will be lost.
The Sim in this tracker is set up for use in the UK only if you wish to use it outside of the UK, please contact us so we can enable the SIM for other countries. This country restriction does not apply to trackers using IOT such as the Eye500 and the Eye500 Max as they use a different system.

The Sim card comes with a data package on it that is more than sufficient for all normal usage. If the tracker is used continuously on very short reporting periods i.e., 10 seconds, there is a danger that the network provider’s fair usage policy will be breached, and the sim card will deactivate until the beginning of the following month. If you are needing to use your tracker on short reporting intervals for a period, please contact us so we can monitor it for you to prevent any interruption in service.
Please note packages can only be used in EU countries if using outside of this area please contact us