GSM Bug Motion Activated Sensor Device

GSM Bug Motion Activated Sensor Device

£99.00 exc Vat £118.80 inc Vat

This Motion Activated GSM Bug is the first ever GSM Bug we have sold that is triggered by motion as oppose to sound activation, making this device more reliable and less chance of false triggers.


This is a high quality and easy to use GSM bug that has motion activated call back. The voice is crisp and clear and you can dial into the sim card inside to listen anytime up to 15 metres. The motion activated calling is ideal as it can be used in noisy environment but where there is restriction where nobody should enter a certain area or a room. It can also be used in a car so when someone enters a car it will call you. The setting of motion activation on or off is controlled by simple SMS. The small motion sensor at the front can detect body heat or anyone moving around up to about 5 metres and about 120 degrees left and right.


*Network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900
*Power consumption: The Li-battery in standby mode (not listening) 4 days and about 3 hours listening time or from mains charger for long term.
*Battery: Built in 3.7 Vdc
*Size: Aprrox 45 x 30 x 18 mm


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