Keyboard Logger

A  keylogger is a small device that plugs in between your keyboard cable and computer and records every keystroke typed they provide an accurate record of what was typed and can be analysed at a later date There  is no software to install  to use the  keylogger, and it takes only seconds to fit  it will record: chat, email, instant messaging, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace messages, Web URL,s  document typing etc
It Does not use any system resources. Monitor activity on a system where the password is not known  plug & play installation  Can not be detected  by anti-spy or anti-virus software.
With a 2Mb memory  it can store a massive 2 million keystrokes that equates to nearly a years usage for most people. Perfect for monitoring employees, children or spouses.
Please Note
These can not be purchased online but can be purchased direct from our premises or over the telephone. Both USB and PS2 types are available.

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