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    Pocket Digital Bug Detector

    £1,200.00 exc Vat £1,440.00 inc Vat

    The PRO-SL8 is an ultra-compact pocket Bug Detector with an unrivalled performance for its size. The PRO-SL8 features a 0 to 8 GHz frequency detection range with ultra-high sensitivity but couldn’t be simpler to operate. Simply switch on and any detected will be shown on the built in OLED display. It is designed to detect and locate signals from the very latest covert listening, tracking, cellular, and video devices.

    With a completely new hardware design the PRO-SL8 has unrivalled sensitivity for its size and can also display detected frequencies up to 6GHz. A 20-segment display indicates signal strength along with an audio tone, enabling you to pinpoint the signal source precisely.

    The frequency of the detected signal can be seen simultaneously and the Burst Detect feature ensures short bursts such as those from GPS trackers or other burst devices will not be unnoticed. If you wish to check for devices without alerting others the PRO-SL8 can be set to silent vibrate mode. If any signals are detected the unit will pulse vibrate silently, allowing you to keep it concealed on your person, in a jacket pocket, for example.

  • Mobile Phone / Data Activity Monitor / Recorder And Bug Hunter

    £2,495.00 exc Vat £2,994.00 inc Vat

    Please e mail or telephone us to purchase this product, it is not available to purchase online.

  • Multiband Wireless Activity Monitor

    £3,799.00 exc Vat £4,558.80 inc Vat

    Detects all types of RF devices: Audio and Video Bugs, Mobile Phones, Smartphones, GPS Trackers, SMS (Texts), GSM Bugs, 3G/4G Video, Bluetooth & Wifi Devices, Burst and ‘Store & Forward’ devices

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    RF Signal Blocking Box

    £29.00 exc Vat £34.80 inc Vat

    Anti-tracking blocker box put your mobile phone into this smart looking box and all signals will be blocked making it impossible to track you phone even if it is switched on.

    Car key storage for cars with keyless ignition, put your car key in the box to stop the thieves from cloning or mimicking your key fob’s unique signal used to operate your vehicle keyless entry and ignition system.

    Size: 160 x 120 x 90 mm, thickness 4mm

    With its elegant looks it is Suitable for use in the home or office.

    Protect your keys, cards and any other sensitive electronic devices.

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