Mobile Signal Blocking Pouch

Mobile Signal Blocking Pouch

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This Mobile phone pouch is a multi-purpose carry case that has been specially engineered so that it blocks out all incoming or outgoing signals/frequencies.

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 There are many reasons someone might want to use the Mobile Phone Pouch, including going into a meeting, stopping nuisance calls, and ultimately this makes your phone untraceable as it completely blocks out all GSM/GPS/GPRS/3G Signals meaning until you remove your phone from the case, you know there is no contact being made through it.

The case can be used for several other things as well, like to put a credit card in to avoid magnetism loss and data leak, carrying your camera, and also there is a second pouch inside that will ALLOW signals through so your phone will work as normal, therefore you can use it as a normal phone case.

The case is made from high quality leather so is very durable and will actually protect your phone as well.


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