Eye200 GPS Magnetic Asset Car Tracker Unit

£115.00 exc Vat £138.00 inc Vat

The Eye 200 car tracker Unit / vehicle GPS tracker is truly state of the art tracking technology, a powerful compact tracking  device that  has had many new features added to it and can be used in or out of the magnetic box depending on requirements. This is a compact covert tracker that is small in size but it certainly is not small on performance and boasts an impressive list of specifications.

Ideal for use in infidelity and company vehicle monitoring or any situation that requires a small easy fit tracker, which includes  a  small purpose built waterproof enclosure which is fitted with a pair of powerful magnets that hold it firmly in place when deployed under a car or van and with its small size it is extremely difficult to spot even when looking under the vehicle.

Up to 20 days battery life depending on mode and settings.


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